Baltic Panorama 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen 2017,

Spring aura not only puts us in a good mood but also increases our willingness to be physically active. In the theme of this issue we suggest many ideas for spending your free time in the open air. We invite you inside the pages to look for inspiration.

Fans of visiting new places and learning about the history connected to them may wish to browse our articles on the mysteries of Bornholm and the Szczecin underground, where we present local legends and facts which would surprise even those well-acquainted with the areas.

Fans of cultural events are also invited to the music festivals and Wrocław, which as the European Capital of Culture 2016 will be tempting us with numerous attractions for a whole year.

Among the intense emotions the year brings, it is worth finding a moment to rest, e.g. with a good drink and food. Guides on the varieties of world beers and the Scandinavian approach to cuisine should satisfy even the most demanding of palates.

We hope that the latest issue of Baltic Panorama will keep you company on the warmest days of this year and stimulate you to discovering a wide range of new and positive experiences.

Chief editor
Katarzyna Antoń


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